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So, the blogging has begun! Watch Out! Our little store is open and changing week by week. Our instagram page allows a view into the store, but here you'll find some interior shots of the shop. We will also feature previews of finds, and upscales here, so maybe you can grab an item before it goes on sale on the site.

It's amazing how different it can look as things come and go, and get rearranged into new scenes. It's hard to resist now doing it, as I bring new things in, I tend to regroup them together, and might even get carried away a little!!

Our customers are finding us for the first time each week, I know its only open a short while at The Castlecomer Creative Hub so "Obvs" but I mean each week we have visitors from all over who come to the park, and find us as they browse around the yard.

It truly is such a wonderful place to visit (not only Absolutely Salvage) with the Discovery Park right beside us, walk through the gorgeous park, take in the scenery and take part in the lakes and adventure activities including a Zipline over the entire park!

If you haven't come to see the store yet, but are an on-line customer or admirer, come see us next time your in Kilkenny, we're just outside Castlecomer Village. See you soon!!

You won't be disappointed!

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