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Draw with Will

It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce that we were hired to design and dress the set for Will Slineys new Sky Kids TV Show “Draw with Will”

As we find Will working away in his Gotham style studio corner, the items surrounding him were to be suitable of a loft with an industrial look.

The set works in two halves whereby Will, our presenter and world famous comic book artist, introduces himself and the cartoon character he will be teaching you to draw today.

Set design, retail and special builds are nothing new to the team behind Absolutely Salvage. The way the store is continuously dressed and redressed comes as part of the day job.

Dressing a set or feature area for retail or trade, is something we do very well, and are available for hire and consultation for.

Our products are unusual in their collective! Seeing them on a website is nothing compared to coming into the store to see how the items are laid out and presented.

Come see us soon, for the full experience!

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