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Beautifully crafted from natural materials, the Peacock Chair takes inspiration from 70's retro to complement modernsettings. The wonderfully crafted chair is made from natural rattan and is weaved, bound and shaped to create its stunning look, while ensuring durability.


The design features a high fan back inspired by the peacock, an iconic feature of the time period. The twists and turns of the rattan will make this a wonderful feature in your living space or garden on a warm summers day with its black finish.


  • Beautifully crafted.
  • Natural material.
  • Durable.
  • Vintage look.
  • Wonderful feature.


Whether it's a stand alone piece or to complement a rustic setting, the Peacock Chair will add a touch of character to any room.

W115 x D65 x H150cm

Peacock Chair

SKU: AS7654P