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Undermount Kitchen Sink With Drainboard

If you want to save space, an undermount kitchen sink with a drainboard is an excellent option. These sinks mount directly under the counter and offer seamless, slick lines. They also allow for more counter space, making cleanup easy. But before you buy an undermount sink, you should first check that your countertop will accommodate one. Stone and tile countertops may not be strong enough to support a sink, so you should consider the material that is underneath.

Check out the features

If you have a hard time deciding between an undermount kitchen sink with a drainboard and a traditional basin, check out the features of both. These sinks are made with 18 gauge stainless steel and feature an offset drain. They also feature a sound-deadening pad to minimize noise. Another key feature to look for in an undermount copper sink is its placement. The rear drain makes the most use of the functional cabinet space beneath it.

A 36" apron-front undermount kitchen sink with a built-in drainboard is a great choice for many reasons. Not only is it space-saving and environmentally-friendly, but it also eliminates the need for a separate drying rack. Plus, the glazed surface prevents bacterial growth. The dimensions of this sink can vary by as much as 0.25". There are also several options available for a double bowl sink, such as a 30" x 17" model. You can also choose to order a custom-sized sink with zero-radius corners.

Modify the in-wall plumbing

When selecting your new kitchen sink, it's important to measure the opening where you want it to go. Remember that if you have an existing sink, you will likely have to remove it first. In addition, you'll need to measure the depth of your bowls. If you're replacing an existing sink, you'll probably need to modify the in-wall plumbing. So, it's important to measure the width and depth of the new sink before making a decision.

Another benefit of an undermount kitchen sink with a drainboard is its ease of use and eco-friendliness. With a drainboard attached to the sink, water drains directly into it without being wasted on a drying rack on the countertop. Unlike traditional sinks, drainboard sinks also offer an additional space for hot pans and pots. Furthermore, they offer a place for soaking dishes and prevent dirt from collecting. Some types of drainboard kitchen sinks have a smaller basin than a traditional sink.

Replace the entire countertop

An integrated sink is a statement piece in your kitchen. Its integrated design eliminates the need for a separate counter and provides a seamless aesthetic. These sinks may cost a little more than traditional sinks, so you should budget accordingly. However, they may not be as durable as other types of sinks. You may have to invest in a separate countertop to cover the integrated sink. You might need to replace the entire countertop to install the new one.

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